Raw. Emotional. Uncensored and Unfiltered.


Birth photography isn’t just about preserving the moment your child enters the world.

Birth is not only about bringing a baby earthside,
It is about learning your strength.
It’s about discovering that courage you have deep inside you.
It is learning what your mind and body are capable of.

Birth is a moment of transformation.

These images will connect you to the reality of who you are.
They will tell a story of strength, courage and childbirth.

I believe in capturing the story of it all.

A photograph freezes a moment in time.

 This is your story. I am just here to help you tell it.


Birth Sessions vs. Fresh 48 Sessions


Birth Session Vs. Fresh 48

A birth session is the hours of documentation of labor and delivery and a short period of time immediately following birth, focusing on the story of how you brought your little one earthside.

A Fresh 48 session is done within 24-48 hours after birth at the place of birth (hospital, birthing center or home) and focuses on the unfiltered moments between baby and family, as well as the fresh tiny details of baby such as nose and toes!

Please reach out to me with any further questions on the difference of sessions and help finding which is best for you.


Dear Meraki Photography is available for sessions beyond Birth and Fresh 48!

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